Why Be a Studious Mom?

So, this experiment called Mom School was a little corny even to me when I launched classes in my home in November 2011. But the concept made sense: learning biblical principles about home life is an important thing for Christian mothers to do. And I guess that’s why almost every Mom School class was full that first year.
I realize the concept of being a “studious mom” sounds so academic and boring. You may be surprised to hear that following your heart is not enough when it comes to mothering well, but it’s true: You also have to use your head. By definition, to be studious means to be devoted to applying your mind to a particular topic by reading, investigation, and reflection. We’ve all studied stuff throughout our lives, so why not add motherhood to the list? If we don’t know how to do something related to family life, we should devote ourselves to learning it. It’s simple. It’s Mothering 101. Problem is, we moms don’t like to admit to ourselves and each other when we are clueless or scared.
Week one of motherhood for me twenty-seven years ago included confusion over what to do with a colicky newborn and how to answer my mother-in -law as she knocked on the bedroom door at the sound of Andrea’s screaming. “Is everything okay?” Instead of being embarrassed for not knowing how to calm my baby, I should’ve let my mother-in-law in! She may have been able to teach me what to do and saved me some heartache.
Every single season of motherhood presents similar challenges and opportunities to learn from others. (Give me colic over a moody teen any day!) Where do we turn for wisdom and strength? We should turn to scripture and the Christian community! We should devote ourselves to biblical truths and practical advice. This takes time. It takes money. It takes mental effort and a lot of humility! But since learning how to be a mom never ends, our homes are classrooms forever. God’s provision of teaching and encouragement makes the learning possible. I hope this blog of simple truths may be one resource among many for you.
Get Inspired!
Read Proverbs 24.3,4 and Titus 2.1-5 Identify some areas in your life as a homemaker, a wife, and as a mom where you feel you really lack wisdom. Think in terms of the things that really burden you daily. Do you know how to cook a week’s worth of meals? How’s it going with disciplining the little ones or guiding the teens? How about showing respect to your husband or keeping up with the housework?
Can you now identify older women in your life who seem to be succeeding in ways you are struggling? Make a commitment to call or email them with your questions and burdens.
Can you identify a younger woman who could benefit from your expertise? How can you show her support and encouragement?

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