10 Ways “Motherhood” Made Me Miserable: #1 I was all wrong about mothering

Over the course of ten blog posts, I’ll outline the ways I was miserable when my children were younger. I love being candid about motherhood. Exposing my negative feelings affirms those who feel similarly and paints a realistic picture of mothering trials.

But don’t misunderstand. Motherhood was not really the reason for my misery. Mothering simply exposed my wrong ideas and personal insecurities. Read on.

1- I was all wrong about mothering

Being a mom is not like being an aunt or a babysitter. Being a mom is not like a party or a picnic.

It’s more like a strenuous hike.

If you’ve ever been hiking, you know you get sweaty and itchy; and you have to watch for snakes and bears; and you’re shocked that you have to scale rocks when you thought you were just gonna be walking on a leaf-strewn trail. You have to trust your guide, and you have to drink some water, and maybe sit on a tree stump to rest often.

But along the way there is so much beauty: waterfalls and flowers and berries and deer. And the companionship and conversation is really special as you breathe in God’s fresh air and clear your head after a long,hard week. And of course, the view from the top is just so stunning and you feel so darn happy you had the courage to climb.

Yes, it’s true. Motherhood is like a hike; but it is worth the climb.

Now that my youngest is eighteen and I have my first grandchild, I can say that the view is incredible in spite of the miseries along the way. All the work was worth it.

But yeah. It was work. I think many moms are surprised by how hard it is to raise children. And maybe the snake on the trail – our enemy, the devil – lies to us about how easy it’s going to be. But with God as our guide and his word as our compass, we’ll be well prepared for this journey.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Psalm 119.105

View from the Top: “Nina” and Luke. October 2014.

Nina and Luke

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