Taking Baby Steps in Your Walk with God

Don’t you just love it when a baby starts walking?! We moms anticipate that day just as we’re eager for our children to develop in every stage of their lives. From the womb to their first apartment, we always have our eyes on our children’s special milestones and we’re thrilled when we see progress.

That’s why I encourage you to think of God smiling on  you as you grow spiritually.

  • Did you read a Bible verse today? God is smiling.
  • Popped in a gospel CD on your way to work? Your Heavenly Dad is delighted.
  • Signed up to serve at the church? Your Creator claps.
  • Prayed to forgive a foe? Your Father forgives you too.

Hey, I’m like you. I want to be a spiritual giant yesterday. But we have to walk before we run. And our steps toward a God-pleasing life are steps in the best possible direction. The enemy of our souls disses those baby steps. He makes us feel worthless and shallow. Like a mean big brother, he laughs when we fall.

And sure, we fail every day. We sin every week. We forget to have quiet time. We sleep in on Sunday. Laziness wins. Bible reading and prayer don’t always captivate us. And the search for a good church takes courage and patience. Fasting? Um. What?

Having a “relationship with God” may even seem a little weird and scary. How does one do that anyway?

Baby steps.

And that looks different for each of us, but reading the Bible daily is a great place to start.

Just remember, that God cares that we’re curious. He cares that we try, as we move from crib to crawling to toddling into spiritual disciplines. He is watching with eyes of love and pleasure, much like my daughter Erica did as Luke posed on all fours so his Nina could snap a photo. His mom was not far away. In fact, she propped him up on his arms. And God is so like that, joyfully helping us as we grow in him.

Luke on al fours

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