The 30-Year Plan toward a Great Superbowl Party

It’s 5:30 am and I just rubbed a hunk of meat with spices and plopped it in the crock pot for barbecue sliders. Yesterday, I navigated a crowded market and spent way too much money for wings, chips, avocados, and artichokes for dipping deliciousness. There’ll be broccoli casserole, potato skins, and teriyaki salmon bites. We’ll cap it off with a dessert TBD. I’m feeling ready for the crowd descending on Joe’s man cave for Super Bowl XLIX.


Who’s coming over? Our children.

Andrea and her new husband, Tony

Andrea and Tony

Erica,  Will and Luke

Erica and Will and Luke

Michael and his girlfriend, Hannah

Michael and Hannah 2

Cynthia, whose home from college


And the other three who can’t come, wish they could (Kellye, Sara, Carrie)

Carrie Kellye and Sara

As I massaged the beef this morning, I realized tonight is a big deal and it has been a lifetime in the making. That’s because growing a family consists of many difficult, stressful, things year after seemingly-endless year. Yet the hard work and sacrifices along the way culminate on days like today when

…the children I pushed into the world (8 altogether; miss you Victoria!);

…the same ones Joe and I disciplined (spanked);

…and failed (often preoccupied; so sorry);

…and yelled at (FYI, Joe doesn’t yell. that was me);

…the same ones who weren’t allowed to celebrate Christmas (Christian legalism);

…who didn’t get braces until college (we didn’t have the money sooner);

…who had to share bedrooms (7 kids; too bad)….

these adult people want to hang out with us.

So, Mom out there in the great wide world, just like football franchises train for years before making it to the Superbowl, so also you train your team called FAMILY. You work hard and discipline yourself and your players. You’re going to make mistakes, but get back on the field. Your imperfect parenting does not determine whether you’ll ultimately win. IT’S THAT YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN ALONG THE WAY.  That’s what brings them back home when they’re grown.

And maybe a 55-inch HD flat screen.

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