When it Comes to Fifty Shades, Use Your Gray Matter


When Fifty Shades of Grey was released, I barely noticed. I knew it was a book about sex and that’s about all I knew. After 31 years of marriage, and in spite of the wisecracks from big-family detractors years ago, yes, I “know how it works.”

But since everybody’s talking about this movie, let’s talk about it. And while we’re rightfully criticizing the wholesale depiction of sexual violence, let’s criticize all the stupid stuff piping into our hearts and homes.

Yup. Use that brain of yours and think about it.

1-What other violent shows, movies, and characters strike your fancy? From crime shows to horror flicks, there is no shortage of blood, guts and death in popular cinema that is an utter waste of a Christian mind’s time. If you have an appetite for killing, think twice about what you watch with this tried and true question: WWJD? If you’re shoving chairs in front of your door at night, the fear has already overtaken you.

2-What violent games do you allow your children to play? Toy guns and popular video games need a narrative before being placed in the hands of children. Young minds deserve clean images on their way to the pure hearts we want them to have as teens. Start now. Don’t think an immersion in violence won’t have an impact on your kids.

3-What sexy stuff violates the purity of your marriage bed? If things aren’t right between your husband and you, I grieve with you. But I also challenge you to get help from trusted professionals. If you’re not married yet and you’re shacking up and sinning because no one is objecting, just know that God objects.

4-Release yourself from your wimpathy. Similar to empathy, but actually lame, wimpathy gives us permission to remain in sin because everybody else is struggling too. Can you relate to other women who withhold themselves sexually from their husbands? Can you relate to those who struggle with pornography so you give them and yourself a pass? Are you doing nothing about it?


All of us!

Christ came to free us from sin! We can do this if we trust him!

But we have to believe his word and use our brains to read it. Most of these struggles aren’t gray areas whatsoever.

They’re clear, right there, in black and white.

I will try to walk a blameless path, but how I need your help, especially in my own home, where I long to act as I should.Help me to refuse the low and vulgar things; help me to abhor all crooked deals of every kind, to have no part in them. I will reject all selfishness and stay away from every evil. I will not tolerate anyone who secretly slanders his neighbors; I will not permit conceit and pride. I will make the godly of the land my heroes and invite them to my home. Only those who are truly good shall be my servants. But I will not allow those who deceive and lie to stay in my house. My daily task will be to ferret out criminals and free the city of God from their grip. Psalm 101:1-8

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