What Social Media has Proven that We Need

soical media

Sarcasm and truth friends. I couldn’t resist this list:

1) We need to know what’s for dinner.

Before social media, we didn’t care what anybody was eating for dinner except the people sitting at our own table. Now, we care about what our neighbors eat, what their friends eat, and even what their pets eat. From gourmet meals to Pinterest fails, what a relief to be able to see plates of food in our faces throughout the day.

2) We need to know how you look when you’re sweating.

You’re getting your workout on at Gold’s and in your basement. We love that! We love to see your sweaty brow and wet t-shirt stains. We love to know of calories burned and Fitbit adjustments earned. Your sweatiness every day makes our day. Thanks!

3) We need to know when you’re traveling

We’re always wondering where you are so thanks for “checking in” and keeping us posted.  While you’re at it, don’t forget to snap photos of yourself in front of signs, statues, and famous people. Be sure to include pics of your margarita because next to knowing what you eat, knowing what you’re imbibing makes us loopy!

4) We need to know you’re narrow-minded

All those political rants… you know the ones you write, like and share; you know, the ones filled with put downs and criticisms of everyone who’s free to think differently than you…those posts are the best! They are so encouraging and inspiring! They build us up! They make the world a better place!

5) We need to crush candy

No comment.

6) We need to remember, throwback and pay it forward

Seriously though.

That online high school reunion you organized was amazing.

Those photos from our childhood bring back great memories.

Thanks for reminding us to donate to a grieving family.

We so appreciate your thoughtful commentary about racism, politics and motherhood.

Your photos from the mission trip do inspire us.

You and 200 friends made us smile when you took time to offer a birthday greeting.

We need that.

Thanks for reminding us there are bigger things in life than the steak we ate when we checked in at Outback. We need to remember there are starving children in the world, beheadings in Egypt, and laws that need changing. And yes, we need to remember that exercising is fun. You’ve proven that a bold, sweaty, selfie without make-up is a fine portrait in a vain world, and that God’s creation is worth a plane ticket to some lovely location.

As stupid and awkward and inappropriate as we get some days, social media has proven that we need each other, that we enjoy sharing life together, that a Bible verse or a fun video or a picture of your grandkid can lighten life’s load and evoke a smile. Yup. We really do need that.

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