Why Mothers Mother Differently – Part I

Group of Mothers

Do you have a friend whose mothering style drives you crazy? Well, I hate to break it to you, but your style drives her crazy too. It need not be this way, studious moms! God made each of us uniquely and He completely expects our mothering to align with how He created us, not with the style of our various friends.

Think of it this way: each of us is a flower like so many blooming around us this spring. We are beautifully designed, rich in color and fragrance, adorning our homes and this great wide world. We’re not all roses with thorny stems. Nor are we all daisies, cheerful and bright. Some of us are impatiens, gracing the shade. Others are tall sunflowers who need bright sun to feel alive.

Do you catch my drift? If so, find yourself in the following list:

1-The Drill Sergeant: OK This was me. I was hard on my kids and ordered them around. I made chore charts. I spanked. I was not soft in any respect. I even screamed a little (or a lot). As a result, my kids are hard- working and respectful.

2-The Comedienne: You prioritize having fun and enjoying life over having a clean house or lots of rules. You don’t take yourself or life too seriously. As a result, you know how to relax and trust God. Your kids are probably laid back too and they laugh a lot.

3 – The Adventurer: You love to explore the great outdoors, or museums, or libraries in search of all that fascinates body, mind, or soul. As a result, your children are inquisitive and super smart, or they’re really athletic or musical or talented because they join you as a learner.

4-The Introvert: You’re a homebody. You’d rather read a blog than attend a support group. You supply your children with plenty of crafts, games, and activities that keep them busy so they don’t bother you too much. As a result, they’re thoughtful and independent.

5- The Faithful: You are a prayer warrior, a worshiper, a servant, or a missionary at home or abroad. Far from a Bible-thumper, you are a living Bible, sharing your faith every chance you get. As a result, your children are bold too as they serve alongside you, sharing the love of Christ.

6-The Activist: You love the public square, social issues, politics and whatever else impacts your community. As a result, your children are mature, well-versed on important issues and they aren’t scared to hold a picket sign.

Maybe you see a little bit of yourself in each of these examples and there are certainly many more. But let’s agree that every mom’s style has value and none is better than another. The degree to which we embrace who we are is the degree to which our children will be blessed and our hearts will be at peace.

So thank God for the way he made you, and stop comparing yourself to other mothers. More importantly, remember that God gave YOU to your children; He did not give them the mom next door. This spring, make a decision to bloom where you are planted.

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