Mothers, Daughters, and DNA

My mom died from an aneurism in 1987, just shy of her 53rd birthday. I was only 24. I miss my mom more each year because there are new family joys and milestones we are unable to share together, including mother-daughter selfies. So I searched albums and boxes this week to find treasured photos of my mother. And as I sorted through them, I was struck once more at how much my daughters and I look like her. What a blessing to have Muncia Eloise Stewart Butler with us today so uniquely. In our hearts, for sure. But also in our eyes and in the shape of our noses. In our wide smiles and the contour of our faces.

So in addition to a card I made while in elementary school – so special to her that she saved it – I’m sharing with you images of my mom….generation to generation.

Eloise High SchoolEloise and Mary Twins

EloiseEloise Triplets Cropped

Eloise GraduationEloise Cynthia Grad 2

Eloise at RestaurantEloise Sara

Eloise at Restaurant 2Eloise Andrea

Eloise Outside of CardEloise Mothers Day Card

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