Shattered Idols


It was just a matter of time before our fascination with the Duggars would be exposed for the borderline idolatry it is. I’m talking to myself as much as anyone who has enjoyed the window into Michelle and Jim Bob’s world. As a mother of eight children, I endured absurdly rude remarks about being pregnant yet again. So I found it refreshing that the Duggars’ Christian values were celebrated on a national stage.

But we’re reminded once more of how important it is to see Jesus Christ as the ultimate example of values-based living. He embodied all that we Christians want to become. We have a window into his sinless life through the scriptures, available to us like 24-hour cable. Yet we devise incredibly lame excuses for not giving Jesus the same admiration and devotion we give to people.

“I’m not a morning person.”

“I don’t get anything out of reading the Bible.”

“I fall asleep while praying.”

On and on, we excuse our apathy while we sit down comfortably with our reality TV idols.

Most of us agree that the Duggars never intended to become idols to anyone. We agree that none of us truly worships them the way we worship Jesus. We believe sincere sorrow and forgiveness are possible no matter what sin has been committed.

But instead of lamenting the loss of a beloved television show, let’s lament the loss of innocence suffered so many years ago.  Let’s give this family time to sort out the realties of being reality TV stars.  And let’s rejoice in the hour we just gained on Tuesday nights. With less time to gawk at our human idols, we have more time to gaze upon Christ. I think there are 19+ people counting on us to do just that.

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