Three Reasons Older Moms Should Teach Younger Moms (and we’re all older than someone)

Titus 2

In the absence of quilting bees, where will modern mothers gain wisdom if older mothers don’t step up and provide it? Every mother at every stage is desperate to know

  • how to nurture and discipline children
  • how to get free from guilt
  • how to build a strong marriage
  • how to keep house
  • how to balance work and family
  • on and on

All women have a call from God to help women who are younger (Titus 2),  and ALL OF US are older than someone. What are your reasons for not offering your wisdom?

Reason #1: “I struggle to keep it together myself. I don’t see how I can help another mom.” 

Hearing about your struggles is just what a younger mom needs. She needs to know she is not alone in her battle with sin,   cluelessness, and failure. There are younger women in your life who will appreciate your transparency. They want to know how you bounce back after making mistakes.

Reason #2:  “I am not a Bible teacher and don’t know enough of God’s word to share it.”

You do not have to be Beth Moore to bring God’s word to another woman. Share what you know. Learn and grow together. Open your home up for a discussion group. Most of us just need a place to process God’s truth and how it applies to our daily lives. We’re not looking for a seminary degree.

Reason #3: “Modern mothers deal with issues that I never faced, like the internet and cell phones. I can’t relate. Besides, young moms annoy me. They’re too permissive. They’re focused on working outside the home. Today’s young people don’t hold the same values we treasured when I was raising my children.”

Um, yes they do. Stop idolizing the past and be more humble. Your grandmother wagged her head at your “premissive” parenting too. Yet, she came alongside you and showed you how to make a pie; or she shared with you stories of God’s faithfulness; or she gave you tips on how she stayed married 50 years. Modern culture may not be the same as the lifestyle you treasure, but God is the same and he’s alive and well in 2015. The best possible way to relate to younger mothers is to listen to them. Trust God to give you something encouraging to share.

Find a mom to mentor.

Open your home up for a mother’s coffee once a month.

Write your granddaughter a note of encouragement.

Be a positive example, showing them what it is to love their husbands and children, and teaching them to control themselves in every way and to be pure. Train them to manage the household, to be kind, and to be submissive to their husbands, all of which honor the word of God. Titus 2.3-5

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