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Do you ever catch yourself bowed in worship to the mobilegod? I do and it’s ironic how attached I am to my phone. I well remember balking when Joe bragged about this cool new gadget called the iPhone. “Why do you need the internet in your hand?” I thought.

Silly me.

Fast forward to November 2015 and I just want to give thanks for smart phones! I started scrolling my phone and Facebook albums the other night and marveled at the many memories and milestones captured and shared through the years.

Check your phone or feeds and you’ll agree.Some make you laugh. Some make you cry. But one thing is certain: nearly all will make you grateful for modern technology and the joys of having a photo album in your hand.

So balk on, cell phone haters! It’s November and I’m thanking God for the smart people who invented smart phones.

And I am challenging myself to choose five photos to post every Friday this month. I challenge you to do the same. But be forewarned: it will be hard to limit yourself to only five, proof that our lives have been filled with many reasons to give thanks.

Here’s my first installment:

1. In the Food category: I enjoyed my first plate of chicken and waffles last month at a restaurant in the mountains using a gift certificate given to me by the owner. Thanks, Kara!

Insta waffles

2. In the Fitness category: (I don’t have many fitness pics so this was easy to choose –  the Women’s 4-miler in 2011 when we ran in honor of a friend who has since passed away. Thanks, Sue, for living well and leaving a legacy!

Insta 4 miler

3. In the Grandkid category: getting to know newborn Luke 15 months ago. Thanks, Erica and Will, for sharing this life with us!

Insta Nina

4. In the Throwback category: state champs, 1980! That’s me on the right. I no longer have my high school yearbooks so thanks whoever posted this to Facebook!

Insta state champs

5, In the Romance category: this 2014 birthday present from my hubs, replacing the original that was lost years ago. Thanks, Joe!

Insta diamond



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