Reflect on Christ’s Goodness Today

Your challenges for this week involve taking small steps to share your faith with friends and family. Taking your spiritual self off the shelf at Christmas makes sense, right? At a time when materialism swallows up joy and peace, we Christian moms can sustain joy and share it with others. It starts with having some quiet time and allowing God to still our hearts and remind us of his love.

Sometimes we do need to be deliberate about remembering God’s goodness. And Elizabeth is a wonderful example of a woman who saw the birth of John the Baptist as a special, personal gift. Sure, he was being born to eventually usher in the ministry of Jesus, but first he was a source of “joy and delight” to his parents, an answer to prayer after long years of infertility. Elizabeth and Zechariah were elderly. The birth of John was truly a miracle.

Today, take time to think about how God has answered your prayers in 2015. What miracles – big or small – occurred that were personal blessings for you? Write them down in your journal first, then share those testimonies as a family.

  • Read: Luke 1.1-25.
  • At the top of a clean sheet of paper in your journal write out verse 25: “The Lord has done this for me.” Now list the many ways God blessed you or answered your prayers in 2015. Include the simple things you take for granted like food, clothes, safe travels. You have been blessed in many ways! Take a moment to give him thanks.
  • Share your faith: Tape a roll of wrapping paper in a prominent place in  your home, blank side facing out. Write Luke 1.25 at the top and encourage family members to share what Jesus has done for them this year. It’s okay to write in large print. Or if you prefer, use post it notes to stick onto the paper. See how long the roll will get. Roll up the paper and tie with a ribbon. Present it at dinner as a scroll and gift from God. Read them together.

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