Destined to Shine

When Jesus was a mere eight days old, his destiny as a Savior was predicted: he would bring joy to some and provoke opposition in others by revealing their evil hearts. Mary was warned that a sword would one day pierce her soul. Joseph was told that Herod wanted to kill their child. What scary information for the new parents to absorb. The quaint manger scene quickly gave way to temple truths and harsh realities.

You have to make that leap too. After the presents are opened and the meal is eaten; after decorations are stored in the attic and the kids head back to school, you’ll either keep Christ in the forefront of your mind or you’ll put him on a shelf with your spiritual self until next year.

As you celebrate today, find a moment to pull away, be with Jesus, and reflect upon his place in your life. Then impart some temple truth to your family by selecting a few of these scriptures to be read at dinner or before bedtime. This reading will serve as a wonderful reminder that Jesus was born for a long-term purpose: to be a Light of truth for us, to expose the darkness of sin in our hearts, and to offer each of us the wonderful opportunity to shine for him.

Read: Luke 2.21-40

In your journal: Write verse 32 on the top of a clean page. Write down the ways Jesus has been a light to your life. List ways you are a light to others. List ways your family is a light for Christ.

Share: On index cards or slips of paper, select one verse for each family member to read as they light a candle. Talk about how light takes darkness away. Talk about how Jesus has done that in your family and how your family can be a light to others.


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