Moms and Balloons, Revealing God’s Heart

balloons colorful

Yesterday while driving out and about, I happened to see two different moms who had stuffed helium balloons and little kids in the backseat of their compact cars. Whether these broods were heading to or from birthday parties, I don’t know. But I couldn’t help but think of God and how moms reflect his heart.

Seriously, Mom.

Few things spell love and joy better than helium balloons.  Spending the money to buy them, or taking time to inflate them are true expressions of sacrifice and bravery. Every mom knows the perils of getting kids and balloons in and out of a car. Plus, it takes the expertise of a child psychologist to comfort a toddler as he watches his balloon drift to high heaven. You’ve got to weigh the joy against the potential grief. These moms took on the risk, knowing that some toddlers treat helium balloons like beloved pets and they’re going to cry this morning when they find their puppies dead on the floor.

Moms take on these perils freely because balloons are fun and produce elation in a child’s life. And moms are all about that. Whatever it takes for joy, even if it’s temporary, it warms the heart and makes a memory.

So Mom out in traffic with no rearview visibility, you’re more admired than you know. All the ways you so graciously spread joy – balloons, birthday cakes, games, friends, and presents – all that comes with throwing parties or throwing them together. These acts of love may not seem like much, but they truly reveal and warm God’s heart.

Then Jesus Himself became elated. The Holy Spirit was on Him, and He began to pray with joy. Thank You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth. Thank You for hiding Your mysteries from the wise and intellectual, instead revealing them to little children. Your ways are truly gracious. Luke 10.21

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