Mother’s Day Gift Idea #1:The Gift of Choosing


Mother’s Day is a mere 5 weeks away! Tune in each Sunday in April for some creative gift ideas that are sure to hit the mark.

#1 – The Gift of Choosing

You and the kids may think breakfast at IHOP will be an amazing treat for mom and grandma, but will your wife or mom really think so? Up a notch to fine dining or a resort overnight? Won’t she love the extravagance?

Maybe not. Just because it’s fancy doesn’t mean she’ll like it.

If the mom in your life is practical, she might choose to spend money decorating her own house over the temporary thrill of a posh B & B. Same when it comes to food. I often told Joe, “A nice dinner ends up in the toilet and I have nothing to show for it.” Same applies to pancakes and sausage.

Bottom line: Surprises that hit the bull’s eye are really hard to identify. Chances are, the mom in your life has never clued you in on the things she’s longing for. Those pots and pans you have in mind might be incredibly needed by the most practical mom, but they may not float her boat next month. Allowing her to choose what she wants for Mother’s Day is an incredible gift in itself…and a pleasant surprise.



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