Mother’s Day Gift Idea #2: The Gift of Solitude


Every mom on the planet needs time alone. We love our whining teens, puking babies, and frail parents, but we still need a break from the demands of caring for these wonderful people. So keep this in mind as you consider what to give your favorite mom for Mother’s Day. Here are some ideas on how you can do it.

  1. Ask Mom this question, “If you could go anywhere alone for a day or overnight, where would it be?” (This is the gift of choosing by the way. See Idea #1 for details.)
  2. Find a place you can afford that resembles her desires and book the hotel room or rent the cabin
  3. Secure child or elder care so she doesn’t have to worry about the people she’s leaving behind.
  4. If all she wants is a day trip, purchase gift cards for stops along the way: A coffee shop for breakfast. A fun restaurant for lunch and dinner. Cards from her favorite stores or a nail salon. What a treat for her to open separate envelopes throughout the day with surprises you’ve planned so thoughtfully.
  5. If all she wants is an hour a week hiking or reading at Barnes & Noble, build this into your family’s routine.
  6. If all she wants is an hour a day in prayer and Bible reading, affirm this desire and make it happen without making her feel guilty.

And maybe that’s the last and most important gift. Don’t make the mom in your life feel guilty about wanting time away from you and others she loves. Trust me, she may already feel guilty for the joy she feels on her way out the door with nothing in her hand except a wallet.

She feels guilty for the freedom of exiting her car without a seat to unbuckle or a wheel chair to assemble.


She feels guilty for indulging herself with a nice meal alone, soaking in the view instead of helping a toddler color a place mat.

She feels guilty for making the children stay in their rooms while she squeezes in a 5-minute devotional reading.

No other job on the planet requires the 24/7 attention mothering does, so we deserve these times away. Even when we are away from our children, we are setting doctor’s appointments, filling out forms, worrying, texting, and praying.

It’s what we do because we love those God has given us. Help us love ourselves by giving us time away with Me, Myself, and I.

Then because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest. 

Mark 6.31



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  1. I’m a card person. I tell my children to go to the nearest Hallmark store ( I love their cards) and send me a beautiful card for Mother’s Day. I keep my cards in a scrapbook and reread them. I have every card that was given to me on my wedding day 30 years ago!


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