Mother’s Day Gift Idea #3: The Gift of Services


One easy and affordable way to bless the mother in your life is to do or pay for some routine chores. This can be a one-time deal or a year-long proposition. In some ways, this kind of gift is the gift of time because it will either free Mom up to do something she enjoys, or relieve her from doing something she despises.

So first, think about the zillion menial tasks the mom in your life performs. Or better  yet, ask her what kind of services she might like provided. That’s the Gift of Choosing, by the way. See this post for details.

Create gift certificates to present on Mother’s Day. Get the kids involved and have them color these precious coupons. Or let each member of the family decide what chore they’ll perform and customize the way they offer that service.

Here are some clever options:

Car Care and Cleaning Services: Few things in life dish up shame in the soul of a mother more than a mini-van perpetually dusted with cracker crumbs and other cr*p.


Every time Mom and kids step out of the vehicle, some inanimate object leaps from the pile inside and lands on the pavement. This annoying clang – or worse, the runaway bottle that decides to stop underneath a neighboring vehicle – alerts onlookers of this chaos on wheels Mom drives every day. But for a mere $2 a trip, you can take Mom’s vehicle to the local car wash and vacuum it every two weeks. Go a step further and wash the outside, change the oil, or pay for a tune up. The self-respect we all feel stepping into well-maintained car is truly priceless.

Home Cleaning or Yard Services: I resisted hiring a housekeeper for years because I actually like to clean my house. When I did have a housekeeper, I limited her work to bathrooms and floors. So for only $60 a visit, I had the peace of mind knowing that these key areas of my home would be tended to. More importantly, it freed me up to focus on other important duties that no one else could do but me, like pay the bills and tend to the kids’ needs.

Hiring out for lawn services can really be pricey, but what about hosting a yard party this spring with the whole family pulling weeds, spreading mulch and planting flowers? The busy boys in the family will love competing over who can pick up the most sticks! In a single day you can have an impact that will last the entire season.

Food and Beverage Services: Order home-delivered meals that are ready to pop in the oven when she gets home from work. Make dinner once a week during an especially busy season, like September when school starts. Offer gift certificates from a nice restaurant or a carry-out. Be creative and choose the option that suits the woman in your life. And don’t forget to offer to clean out the fridge once a month. Throw in a new bottle of wine every month for a year and you will be a star!


Clean out the garage, tackle the attic, and haul stuff to the landfill.

Paint that room she’s been talking about decorating.

Do the laundry. Dust. Mop. Groom the dog.

The possibilities are endless, especially for your elderly mom or grandmother. If you’re wondering why her house is cluttered and dirty it’s because she needs your help.

Mothers are truly selfless servants who would love to know you notice how hard they work or have worked on your behalf. An offer to take a chore off of their shoulders would truly be a blessing this year.


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