Mother’s Day Gift Idea #5: The Gift of Soul Care



OK Husbands. This one’s for you.

Before you go out this weekend to buy perfume, a sexy dress, truffles, or a gym membership as a Mother’s Day gift, let me clue you in to something every husband needs to remember: there’s more to your wife than her body.

Yeah,  I know. Eve’s physical presence was an incredible contrast to the ants and antelopes Adam had been naming for days. When he saw her, he said, “This is it!”

The sight of your wife and the power her body holds over yours is a gift from God to be celebrated. But the best way to kill your marriage is to ignore the dynamic woman inside that body.  She has a brain, skills, and faith that deserve the same attention you give her when you want her at midnight twice a week. Yup. That’s why body wash may not cut it as a gift this year.

  • Your wife needs your support to freely discover how to use her God-given talents.
  • She needs you to sacrifice by giving her time away from the children regularly.
  • She needs a place to put up her feet, to clear her head, and to set some goals.
  • She needs Christian mentors to help her overcome the insecurities you don’t have an answer for.
  • She needs to BE a mentor and share her incredible knowledge and experiences with others.

So if your wife is angry, depressed, and nagging. If she’s too tired for sex or her mid-life crisis is incredibly ugly. If she can’t put her finger on exactly what she needs to feel joy and she’s occasionally out of sorts, it’s because her soul needs God’s ongoing touch.

So this Mother’s Day, let your wife know that you notice and love all of her. Pull up a chair and take her by the hands. Look in her eyes and ask, “How can I love you better? How can I support your dreams? How can I help you grow spiritually?” Assure her that you will do all you can to satisfy what you can.

Years ago, at one of the lowest points of my life,  my husband pursued me in this way, kneeling at the sofa where I lay crying. He was such a hero at that moment that I began pasting Superman stickers in random places around the house and in his luggage, letting him know how much his attention blessed me.

OK, husbands. Mother’s Day will soon be here. You still have time to return that t-shirt emblazoned with Hot Mama and exchange it for a gift certificate to Ma Spa. Yes, this is a shameless pitch for my new business venture that specializes in soul care for mothers. But hey, I’m really trying to help you be a Superman in the eyes of your wife. I certainly wouldn’t be brave enough to start this new adventure without my husband’s support. Just another reason he is a Superman to me.

Thanks, Joe.

Husbands, love your wives just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.

Ephesians 5.25a


Ma Spa opens in Charlottesville in July. To pre-order a gift certificate click here.

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  1. Great advice for husbands 🙂 I’m in Sydney, Australia, otherwise I’d definitely visit Ma Spa – sounds like a wonderful haven for the soul!


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