Mothers Against Racism


Moms, there are so many causes that we champion together. How blessed we are to raise our voices freely against the things that grieve the heart of God or threaten the safety of children.

Drunk driving.

Sex trafficking.

Gun violence.

Childhood cancer.

The issues are as varied as each of us, and our passions are tied to personal experience, education, or a call we feel from God Himself –  a prompting to speak, to march, to raise money.

I’m passionate first and foremost about motherhood. I believe moms deserve more credit for the incredible things we do to give and sustain life. I believe we deserve more self-care. For me, it’s a cause I fight for.

I’m passionate secondly about race relations. I believe racial reconciliation and justice in America are things God longs for, things that Jesus died for. And I am fighting for it in my own small way.

So please don’t be offended if I write a blog or post something on social media that seems edgy or makes you uncomfortable or sad. It’s part of the process required for healing and progress.

Photos of balding children make all of us sad too, as cancer robs precious young ones of vitality. But without those photos, the issue is not real for those of us with healthy kids. We need raw reality in our faces to prompt us to action and prayer.

Victim testimonies have the same effect. We weep with the sobbing mother who sits before Congress with a photo of her gunned-down child. We sympathize and affirm her desire to prevent her awful pain from entering OUR homes. We love that. We support that. Many of us fight for causes simply because our friends are fighting. We love them. We support them.

So let’s support moms who fight bigotry too. Support me.

Hey. I know I am not doing much. I write stuff and I post stuff to raise awareness. I challenge everyone – including myself – to be honest about the roots of our prejudice. It’s what I feel called to do right now and it requires words or images that make many uncomfortable. I am not perfect in my expressions and social media dialogue often ends poorly. But maybe that’s less about what I post and more about the negative reaction to what I post.

If I’m honest, I often don’t feel supported. Instead, I’m told,

“Why are you posting that?”

“It’s time to move on.”

“We elected a black president.”

“All lives matter.”

Rarely does anyone say, “I am sorry to know you carry these burdens. How can I pray for you?”

There is hope, of course. I am grateful for those who message me privately. You want to meet for coffee. You want to  understand. You ask great questions. Thank you!

And yes, our country has made magnificent strides. Racial healing is all over the place, but hurting and hate are all over the place too. I just want you to know. So don’t turn your head or refuse to read when I hoist my little poster for racial justice. Please don’t tell me I am overreacting, race baiting, and failing to walk in the unity of Christ.

Maybe you can’t relate to my distress or perspectives. Maybe you aren’t familiar with the issues and maybe racism will never touch your life. Maybe you don’t believe racism is still a cancer, but I just want you to know it is. Pray for me and all those who take up this cause. Justice and love are important to me, and I know they are important to God.

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