From My Journal: “I need God’s wisdom day by day…”

Kellye Newborn

I have a stack of journals in which I have detailed my many struggles as a wife, mother, and child of God. The earliest of them dates back to 1990 when I had four kids aged six to newborn. Twenty-seven years and 19 journals later, I continue to chronicle my heart’s story and I want to share some of the entries that might help you on your journey. I will also include a fun throwback photo, like the one here, snapped the day after Kellye was born in March 1990.

From My Journal: October 12, 1990

“I need God’s wisdom day by day in order to build our home and fill it with blessings. Without Him, my efforts will fail.

Daily ask God for wisdom in all that I do. Where does wisdom come from? God is the Master Architect. He has a plan for the Coleman family; specific ways he wants to glorify himself in us. He has drawn up the blueprint. I must follow it specifically and not veer from it.

Daily as I build, before I even begin, I must ask God to guide and help me every step of the way. God’s wisdom is in his Word. If I obey it, I lay the solid foundation for a blessed home.  (Matthew 7.24-27). A foolish woman hears, but doesn’t obey.

The foundation, the core, the beginning of my home must be Jesus and what he has to say to me. His wisdom is the only true beginning of anything glorious. Our marriage was built upon him, but as we live day by day, each new morning must be the time of laying Christ’s foundation for the new day. It’s not a one time thing; it’s an ongoing work. I can’t just look at the ultimate work I think God wants to do in me and us. I must focus on the immediate work, plan, purpose, desire he has for us. “God what work do you want to accomplish in us today for your glory? Make me yielded; and open my heart to hear your voice”

The ultimate work is comprised of daily work God wants to do. The ultimate work is only as good as the daily work leading to it. If I build my home without consulting Christ, I will only find myself tearing down and starting over in order to get it right. Every wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pluck it down with her hands. Proverbs 14.1″

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  1. A timely and appreciated reminder that daily we need to seek God’s will for us. It’s so easy to forget that or just become lazy about it. Thank you, Mary. Blessings to you.


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