An Early Christmas Gift

Monday, November 13th is a special day for me. I will be featured in the coming weeks on World Radio as a guest commentator, and tomorrow my first 4-minute segment will air.

This is such a gift because this time last year, my little business venture was doomed. My goal had been to provide a restful space where Christian women could be encouraged with God’s truth. But like so many entrepreneurs, I underestimated the financial realities of growing a business. The most agonizing aspect was marketing myself as a reliable Christian teacher. I felt dirty singing my own praises, even though the seven quality humans Joe and I raised attest to a few ounces of wisdom worth sharing.

So this time last year, I was promoting Wellness Workshops to be held throughout the month of December. I was formulating lessons on self-care in collaboration with guest teachers, and I was pouring my soul into lovely Christmas decor. It hurts my heart to see these photos, knowing how hard I was trying to welcome moms for mini-retreats:



Even as I did all this prep, I knew I would be closing the doors of Ma Spa after the holiday. What I didn’t know is that God would use my blog to “market” my teaching gifts in his own way and timing. When the folks at World were sent one of my posts in the wake of Charlottesville and August 12th, they invited me to share commentary on their morning podcast every two weeks.

So tune in, friends and followers! I’ve recorded eight segments and all of them are slightly edited versions of blog posts previously written. If the listeners like me, I may be invited to continue this relationship with World. If not, I will have had a few moments to share my heart on a national stage.

This is truly a gift to me, a redemption after last year’s loss. Plus, there was a time in my life when I set “being a published author” as a personal goal. This might just move me a little closer to realizing that dream.

I marvel at just how God knows my heart and my need. I sing his praises today.

Take delight in the Lord,
    and he will give you your heart’s desires.

Commit everything you do to the Lord.
    Trust him, and he will help you.

Psalm 37.4-5


8 thoughts on “An Early Christmas Gift

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  1. I really enjoyed hearing you today on World and appreciated your thoughts on growing older. I want to have the right and Biblical perspective too, that it’s a blessing to be where and how old I am. Thank you.


    1. Thanks Jenny. Yes, the alternative to growing older is quite simply to die young. Few would choose that over the chance to enjoy more of the life God dhas given us on the earth.

      Take care.



  2. So appreciated your commentary today on World. As a fellow 50 something empty nester (raised 5) and new first time grandmother (Gigi) I so resonated with your wisdom of seeking to joyfully embrace the benefits of aging and the wisdom that we have learned. Looking forward to more of your voice and perspective Mary!


    1. Hi Ann,
      Welcome to grandmotherhood. It is incredible. Thanks for tuning in. The plan for now is every other Monday.




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