Timeless Parenting

Andrew Murray

Next to to my Bible, Andrew Murray’s book How to Raise Your Children for Christ was my go-to source of inspiration as a parent. Murray died in 1917, but his timeless truths enabled me to grow strong as a mother. Do you have a reliable source of Christian wisdom to guide your parenting?

In our internet age, it’s easy to flit from blogger, to website, or Pinterest, searching for ideas in a cherry-picking way. That’s not terrible. I believe strongly in the pursuit of ideas wherever you can find them.

But reliance upon too many voices can create confusion when you may already feel insecure as a mom. And is there anything worse than the steady stream of contradictory opinions available about parenting? If all the advice is up for grabs, your parenting GPS may be constantly recalculating. You’ll feel the need to retrace your steps, overthink, and ultimately doubt whether you are headed in a good direction.

For me, returning to the same author over and over was the key to my confidence. I recommitted to the same biblical principles as each child was born, and this resulted in a high degree of spiritual and practical proficiency.  I studied parenting, and I certainly picked the brains of women whose families I admired.

Keep in mind that there’s a difference between parenting methods and a parenting mindset. Methods are what you do. A mindset fuels your methods and anchors your decision-making over the long haul.

I’m a grandmother now, and I don’t think about child rearing every day. I don’t know who the gurus of modern parenting are, but I highly recommend the timeless principles offered by Andrew Murray. Here’s just a slice of his wisdom, complete with my underlining from 30 years ago.

Parents should study

Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do!

And whatever else you do, develop good judgment.

Proverbs 4.7

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