My Black History 2014: Finding my voice

Evangelicals hate it when unborn babies are aborted and everybody in America knows that.  America knows that evangelicals march for life, pray in front of abortion clinics, and vote for pro-life politicians. Some would say evangelicals are obsessed with being prolife. I would agree with that.

I certainly grieve when unborn babies die. And I am so prolife that I have been pregnant 14 times and given birth to eight babies, including the kind of deformed baby many women abort. My heart breaks for any woman who felt she could not carry her child to term. (If that’s you or someone you know, message me and we can talk it through). Nonetheless, I am a walking billboard for the pro-life movement and my white friends will gladly support me if I choose to speak loud and proud against abortion.

Speaking out against racism is not received in quite the same way. I began to voice my concerns about policing after several high-profile shootings of unarmed black men back in 2014. As a mom, I can’t help but grieve over this. The loss of innocent life under any circumstance is tragic, and every black mom in America fights the fear that her son might be next.

But on social media, conservative friends have trolled me and discounted my words about racism. Others have scolded me about allowing politics to rule my life and ruin my testimony. Some valued my opinion until I critiqued Donald Trump, pointing out that a growing economy and conservative SCOTUS is of little comfort when hate crimes have risen since he was elected.

Of all people, Christians should be able to accept the fact that racism is alive and well. We know that sin transcends time. Satan surely did not hang up hate just because of civil rights legislation. He’s a master of deception, and one of his primary tools is division-by-political-agenda. If he can convince evangelicals that racism is not a problem, then it limits the spiritual forces available to make a stand against his agenda.

I definitely take offense by the way evangelicals objectify black lives in their data and billboards for the sake of their prolife agenda…

… while shutting down those who want to bring attention to the role hate plays in cutting black lives short.

Even if you personally are not racist, that doesn’t mean nobody is. Even if your church or place of business is the most racially diverse and culturally sensitive space for blacks to occupy, it doesn’t negate the spaces where people kill in the name of whiteness, like Mother Emanuel Church, or on the street in Charlottesville where my daughters sold pie.

If I can’t voice my grief over this in the presence of Christians, then where am I supposed to grieve?

By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13.35


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