I am opinionated.

I love to write.

I was born to talk.

These three things converge here on my blog where I share my thoughts on faith, family, and what’s happening in the world around me.  I don’t know everything, but I do know this: Jesus Christ and the scriptures have been my strength, guide, and comfort for over 40 years.  We all need a compass to help us navigate life’s burdens and questions, so I turn to the Lord and his Word. I hope you’ll find wisdom here as you walk with God, love your neighbors, and take care of you.

My Bio

I grew up in Toledo, Ohio, with my parents and three brothers. I became a Christian in 1981 while a student at Princeton University where I met my husband, Joe. God has blessed us with 39 years together and the privilege of raising seven children: six girls and a boy who are now amazing adults who make us proud.

We have also suffered the loss of seven children through miscarriage and the death of a newborn. We home schooled for 13 years and cared for our aging parents who have now passed on. We live in Charlottesville, Virginia where I am director of a non-profit that serves low-income children.

Our family continues to grow and we have seven grandchildren so far. We are grateful for God’s mercy to us.

8 thoughts on “ABOUT MARY

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  1. I’m so thankful I found you! I also have a heart for race relations, but as a middle class white woman I need direction. Looking forward to following your blog. Prayerfully, Carol


  2. Mary, oh I am so happy I found this.. THANK YOU .. and sharing this with our family.. and friends too. .
    love to you and Joe and all your family.. love Mae Mae Gabbert…. Douglas’ mom 🙂


      1. Mary …can’t believe I’m just replying !!! Joe told me about your blog a few years ago ..I am sharing it with our girls & others …all my love to you & your family ..would love to see you in person .. ..How you & Joe bless others is just amazing to me …thank you more than I can express
        love Mae Mae


  3. you have inspired, challenged, and taught me, I had forgotten some of the “About Mary” details — like about the 7 losses. But recalling them occasioned the other thing that you do, and that is to remind me the isteadfast love of the Most High God!


  4. Hi Mary,
    I am a therapist at Emmaus Counseling Center in Richland WA and I just learned you will be speaking at our Celebration Event in January 2019! I’m excited to “find” you and look forward to getting to know you and your work as well as meeting you in January!
    Teri Davies


    1. Teri,
      I am honored to share my testimony in January. I look forward to meeting your team and hearing more about your ministry.


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