A way forward for pro-lifers: Proximity

How can we reduce abortions in a practical, unified way? Well, unity requires us to be close to one another and to the issues we claim to care about. Jesus modeled this principle of proximity when he "became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood" (John 1.14 MSG). Touching lives, saving souls, loving your... Continue Reading →

A way forward for pro-lifers: Unity

Many conservative Christians worry that the Biden administration will negatively impact the prolife movement. I understand this concern, but this is not a time for hand wringing. Christian Democrats and Christian Republicans need to join hands like family and develop shared convictions about how to reduce abortions. We are family; sons and daughters of God.... Continue Reading →

Mary and Joseph Reflect: Forgiveness

Marriage is tested every single day because of sins we commit and mistakes we make. I wrote about this here using the characters Hinderella and Prince Harming to describe it. Yes, Joe and I have hindered one another's spiritual and personal growth. Yes, we have harmed each other with our words and actions. The only... Continue Reading →

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