Packing light in life and in faith

As I prepared for my trip to Vegas last week, I was determined not to check a bag. Everybody who flies knows it's a hassle to round up suitcases from carousels. At the same time, packing a carry on for a 5-day trip requires ruthless purging. My cute boots and a new dress did not... Continue Reading →

Empty Nest. Full Heart.

Twenty days until I turn 60 and I can’t get motherhood off my mind. It is linked to gratitude I feel for my mother’s role in giving me life, for sure. But it is also linked to my own identity as a mother and how much it has changed in the past two years. It... Continue Reading →

What if a child is hard to love?

This journey to my 60th birthday includes a ton of reflection about my relationship with my mother. I have always felt deep down that I got on her nerves. We were so opposite. She was all classy and appropriate. I was talkative and brash. The only daughter in the family of four children, I wrestled... Continue Reading →

Got teens? Go easy on them.

I'm going through so much personal upheaval right now that the only thing I can liken it to is the teen years. Raging hormones. Relationship problems. Fear of the future. Identity confusion. Questions about faith. How is it that someone on the verge of 59 feels like someone on the verge of 15? I don't... Continue Reading →

A Pill and Pie for Mother’s Day

Dear Fellow Moms, If you are looking for a feel-good blog post this Mother's Day, you won't find it here. I have swallowed some bitter pills and humble pie lately and want to share it while it's fresh in my mind. Even though we are supposed to be celebrated today, we can also be calibrated.... Continue Reading →

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