Advent Reflection: Buried Treasure

By the time Jesus was crucified, Mary had spent 33 years trusting God through all kinds of experiences with her son.  The second time we are told she "treasured" uncertain circumstances was after preteen Jesus went missing for three days. Worried and anxious, Mary scolded her boy. “Son, why have you treated us like this?... Continue Reading →

Advent Reflection: Married Treasure

Just before our wedding day, my father asked if Joe and I were planning to ride away from the reception on a donkey. It was the first time anyone had ever joked about the fact that we shared the names of Christ’s parents, Joseph and Mary. Given the fact that our car didn’t start when... Continue Reading →

Advent Reflection: Holding onto Hope

I try very hard to feel hopeful about America in spite of our racial division. I am a grandmother, after all. I want a safe and prosperous country for my grandchildren.              But since November 2016, I have been more discouraged than hopeful. Yes, the economy is thriving, but bigotry... Continue Reading →

  When did you find out that Santa isn't real? For many, an older sibling burst the bubble of our childhood fantasy and rocked our world. Not only did we refuse to believe our parents lied to us, we were furious at our brothers for lying too. Isn't that what happened in America in 2017?... Continue Reading →

Recent sex scandals have been a sobering reminder for me that our sins catch up with us. And even though it's Advent - a time we normally reserve for positive reflection - I have been in a real Lenten mood of sorrow and repentance. I have placed dark areas of my heart under the light... Continue Reading →

With only two weekends left before Christmas, you may be reckoning with the fact that time is running out to create the holiday you envisioned on December 1st. On that day, you may have scanned Pinterest for decorating ideas, kids' crafts, and cookie recipes, but none of those holiday activities have materialized. Maybe you intended... Continue Reading →

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