Why do our heroes die?

The death of Chadwick Boseman hit all of us hard for all kinds of reasons: Because it was so unexpected. Because Boseman never revealed his private battle. Because he was so young. Because we hate cancer. Because 2020. Most striking for me is that Chadwick Boseman was a hero to us. As T'Challa he represented... Continue Reading →

Finally, we can grieve together

If you have ever buried a loved one, then you have probably heard about the Five Stages of Grief. You may also know what it feels like for somone to minimize your grief with platitudes like, "Well praise God, s/he's with Jesus now. You'll see them again." [Insert eye roll, sigh, balled fist.] As we... Continue Reading →

Advent Reflection: Buried Treasure

By the time Jesus was crucified, Mary had spent 33 years trusting God through all kinds of experiences with her son.  The second time we are told she "treasured" uncertain circumstances was after preteen Jesus went missing for three days. Worried and anxious, Mary scolded her boy. “Son, why have you treated us like this?... Continue Reading →

Today is the anniversary of my mother's death, and it's hard to hold back the tears. And as I think back to a statement I made last week to a therapist,  I feel shame in addition to sorrow.  That's because I had the gall to say, "My mom was basically mute in my life. I can't... Continue Reading →

Sometimes the holidays hurt.

My father-in-law died on Thanksgiving Day in 2008, three days after a heart attack. Our daughter died on the day she was born, the day after Christmas in 1998. My brother - father of eight -  died on the eve of Father's Day in 2015. I know I am not alone in feeling hurt around... Continue Reading →

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