Do you own your aging?

When I got out of the shower the other morning, an old woman was standing there staring at me. Oh wait. That was me in the mirror. I had just washed my hair, so my receding hairline exposed my giant forehead and my gray strands glistened in the light. My varicose veins, my frown lines,... Continue Reading →

Motherhood, the Christian life, and life in general offer many opportunities for feeling flawed and hopeless. When we sin, we feel unworthy of God's love. When we make parenting mistakes, we feel our children deserve better. When family and friends reject us, we feel despised. I am beginning to realize how much of my adult... Continue Reading →

When the Bride Wears Black

With two weddings in my family over the span of six weeks this summer, I have had many opportunities to enjoy and reflect upon the beautiful rituals associated with marriage ceremonies. Central to those traditions is the bride wearing white. A bride is the focus of the day; the beauty of the hour. She is... Continue Reading →

The Prison of Perfectionism

Since the beginning of time, moms have wanted to be perfect. It started with Eve, enticed by the serpent who offered her an amazing deal: "Eat this and your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil." Who doesn't want to be like God? Isn't that the aim of the Christian life... Continue Reading →

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