From My Journal: The Quest to Raise Good Kids

When I heard Fats Domino died, I was immediately reminded that our daughter Erica and a group of college peers had worked on repairing his house after Hurricane Katrina. Their photo appeared in newspapers around the country, and thanks to the Associated Press, I was able to find it quickly online. The special opportunity my … Continue reading From My Journal: The Quest to Raise Good Kids

School In. Peace Out.

Today is the last first day of school in America. By the end of the week, most moms will have resigned themselves to the bittersweet rhythms of another school year. On one hand, it's great to have the children back into a routine. On the other hand, peace often fades as school year demands settle … Continue reading School In. Peace Out.

A Few Verses that Shaped Our Parenting

On Palm Sunday we were blessed to watch as our youngest child - Cynthia, age 20 - was baptized. Before church, I pondered the 33-year parenting journey Joe and I have traveled with our seven children, and I gave thanks to God for his incredible truths that offered us guidance and strength. I share them … Continue reading A Few Verses that Shaped Our Parenting

Smart Phone: The New Pacifier

  All of us read in despair as children are victimized by cyber-predators. The case here in Virginia recently truly hits home for our community, yet the question remains: what are we going to do about it? I ask this in an encouraging way, not an accusing way. I believe in the power of collective mother-resolve and … Continue reading Smart Phone: The New Pacifier

Making Chores a Way of Life

I have a guest blogger today: our youngest daughter, Cynthia Jane. Now 19, she offers a reflection similar to previous posts about the positive impact toddler training had upon our children. Let me be clear, however, that as the youngest of seven, Cynthia was definitely the victim of my training fatigue. I let her get … Continue reading Making Chores a Way of Life