A Pill and Pie for Mother’s Day

Dear Fellow Moms, If you are looking for a feel-good blog post this Mother's Day, you won't find it here. I have swallowed some bitter pills and humble pie lately and want to share it while it's fresh in my mind. Even though we are supposed to be celebrated today, we can also be calibrated.... Continue Reading →

The Day He Called Me Gramma

I hated the idea of becoming a grandmother when my first grandchild was born three years ago today. Of course I was thrilled that my daughter was becoming a mother, but me? A grandma? I was 51, "too young," and too prideful to see myself as "old" like that. For me, being a grandmother was... Continue Reading →

Jesus Shines Brighter than a Racist’s Torch

By now you know that a small group of torch-bearing white supremacists converged on Lee Park in Charlottesville to remind us they don't want brown people in America.┬áThis situation was on my mind as I sang about the love of Jesus in church yesterday and my heart was filled with hope for America. Practically speaking,... Continue Reading →

Why are Grandmothers So Chill?

Have you ever wondered why grandmothers enjoy children so much? It's not just because we are madly in love with our grandchildren. And it's not just because we want to recapture a long-gone season of nurturing, whether our own grands or other little ones. I can't speak for all grandmothers, but I enjoy my grandchildren... Continue Reading →

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