Hinderella and Prince Harming

Husbands and wives harm and hinder each other. It's a fact. Unfortunately, we are sold fantasies about marital love that are wrapped in ball gowns and handsomeness. These images are great for a wedding day, but they do not serve us well for daily living. If we truly understood just how we will hinder and... Continue Reading →

Advent Reflection: Married Treasure

Just before our wedding day, my father asked if Joe and I were planning to ride away from the reception on a donkey. It was the first time anyone had ever joked about the fact that we shared the names of Christ’s parents, Joseph and Mary. Given the fact that our car didn’t start when... Continue Reading →

Say Yes to Distress

A few years back, I started a new tradition of buying a white dress to celebrate our wedding anniversary. The TLC show "Say Yes to the Dress" was my inspiration. I could watch that show all day, can't you? There's something fascinating about a bride-to-be searching for and finding her wedding attire. Here's a photo... Continue Reading →

In Defense of Dads

With Father’s Day coming up I thought I’d encourage you to celebrate your kids’ dad. Women and churches are really hard on dads. We wives,  for example, don’t respect our husbands' parenting skills. “What parenting skills? He’d leave the baby in a wet diaper all day if the five year old didn’t remind him to... Continue Reading →

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