Making Chores a Way of Life

I have a guest blogger today: our youngest daughter, Cynthia Jane. Now 19, she offers a reflection similar to previous posts about the positive impact toddler training had upon our children. Let me be clear, however, that as the youngest of seven, Cynthia was definitely the victim of my training fatigue. I let her get … Continue reading Making Chores a Way of Life

Give Your Toddler a Fresh Start

Who says little ones can’t be included in new year’s resolutions? If you’re trying to figure out how to tame the beast your toddler has become. Here are a few quick steps: Fight your guilt. You may feel guilty for the ways you’ve allowed your child to run the show at your house, but you’ll … Continue reading Give Your Toddler a Fresh Start

Mom the Disciplinarian: Not Easy, but Necessary

All moms experience that beautiful moment when our sweet toddlers place blocks into a bucket at our request. We clap real hard and so do they. It's a happy-mom moment, like the first time they pee in the potty. We parade around the house, call Nana, distribute M&Ms. Am I right? Responding to our directives … Continue reading Mom the Disciplinarian: Not Easy, but Necessary

Consistent is Good Enough

Mothers are obsessed with being perfect. Let's just be honest. Christian mothers especially -  in our desire to be righteous - desire also to be utterly flawless in pursuing God and raising kids. Problem is, we don't lose our humanity when we invite Christ into our hearts. And knowing Bible verses does not guarantee impeccable living or perfect decision-making. We … Continue reading Consistent is Good Enough

Every Mom Needs a Vision

Have you ever stopped to think that your snotty-nosed toddler will be a mom or dad someday? Your daughter is going to be a mommy, an employee, or a wife. Your son is going to be somebody's husband, colleague, or neighbor. It's hard to imagine, I know. When our children are little, we focus on the immediate toddler milestones like walking and potty training. But  we … Continue reading Every Mom Needs a Vision

The Family Huddle: Where Toddler Training Begins

Every great team circles up for a pep talk and families are no different. If we want to raise children who understand and embody what we value, we have to set aside time to talk about those values consistently. Like good coaches, we need to offer guidance, correction, and inspiration so the family team feels … Continue reading The Family Huddle: Where Toddler Training Begins