School In. Peace Out.

Today is the last first day of school in America. By the end of the week, most moms will have resigned themselves to the bittersweet rhythms of another school year. On one hand, it's great to have the children back into a routine. On the other hand, peace often fades as school year demands settle... Continue Reading →

Why are Grandmothers So Chill?

Have you ever wondered why grandmothers enjoy children so much? It's not just because we are madly in love with our grandchildren. And it's not just because we want to recapture a long-gone season of nurturing, whether our own grands or other little ones. I can't speak for all grandmothers, but I enjoy my grandchildren... Continue Reading →

The Surprising Beauty of Failure

I just spent the winter hibernating after opening a business and closing it within six months. Ma Spa had fulfilled my dream to host mothers in a lovely space, to teach biblical principles about family, and to promote self-care. Christian Moms want to apply the Bible to family life, and we typically put ourselves last on... Continue Reading →

Chaos is a Choice

Sometimes, we moms need a talking-to that will motivate us to forsake bad habits and excuses. Allowing excessive chaos during Christmas is one of those things we need to forsake, especially since it's supposed to be a season of peace and joy. I am not talking about controlled chaos: Allowing kids to make messes with crafts.... Continue Reading →

Moms and Balloons, Revealing God’s Heart

Yesterday while driving out and about, I happened to see two different moms who had stuffed helium balloons and little kids in the backseat of their compact cars. Whether these broods were heading to or from birthday parties, I don't know. But I couldn't help but think of God and how moms reflect his heart. Seriously,... Continue Reading →

Give Your Toddler a Fresh Start

Who says little ones can’t be included in new year’s resolutions? If you’re trying to figure out how to tame the beast your toddler has become. Here are a few quick steps: Fight your guilt. You may feel guilty for the ways you’ve allowed your child to run the show at your house, but you’ll... Continue Reading →

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