Two Things that Make Mothering Hard

This is the second installment on Two Things that Make Mothering Hard. The first was Youth. The second is HEARTBURN I don’t know how else to describe a mother’s love and the burning desire we have to make sure our children are happy and thriving. It’s a passion. It’s a longing. It’s almost painful, this... Continue Reading →

Two Things that Make Mothering Hard

If you feel like being a mother is the hardest job on the planet, you’re right. The small daily burdens and emergencies that come with nurturing human life make mothering hard, but so do two other realities you may not have considered before. Today, we'll address #1: YOUTH Many women become moms in their late... Continue Reading →

Consistent is Good Enough

Mothers are obsessed with being perfect. Let's just be honest. Christian mothers especially -  in our desire to be righteous - desire also to be utterly flawless in pursuing God and raising kids. Problem is, we don't lose our humanity when we invite Christ into our hearts. And knowing Bible verses does not guarantee impeccable living or perfect decision-making. We... Continue Reading →

Tag on the Outside. Peace on the Inside

I sat behind a woman at church recently whose sweater was inside out. It was a striped hip-length cardigan. Kinda wrinkled, but cute. When I noticed that glaring white tag announcing the haste with which she dressed that morning, my first thought was to tap her on the shoulder and let her know. Then I caught myself, "Don't be... Continue Reading →

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