Tag on the Outside. Peace on the Inside

I sat behind a woman at church recently whose sweater was inside out. It was a striped hip-length cardigan. Kinda wrinkled, but cute. When I noticed that glaring white tag announcing the haste with which she dressed that morning, my first thought was to tap her on the shoulder and let her know. Then I caught myself, "Don't be... Continue Reading →

Practical Ideas for Time Management

When we feel out of balance, time management may not  be the real problem. The real problem may be that we're not managing other things well. This, in turn, causes everything to take longer than it should. Now that we're headlong into the school year, it's a good time to evaluate how things are going... Continue Reading →

Stop Using Money to Define Your Success

We moms constantly try to gauge how successful we are, basing our worth on everything from what kind of parties we throw for our children to how well we keep house. We also use money as a tool to measure how we’re doing. And while stay-at-home moms fall prey to this most, working mothers also... Continue Reading →

Am I Putting My Family First?

Any mom with a conscience is asking this question often, and frequently wrestling over how to answer it. I talk to myself about priorities a lot and I keep returning to the words Jesus prayed to his Father. The context is Christ alone, preparing to die, and preparing by praying: "I have brought you glory on earth... Continue Reading →

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