Certain faith in uncertain times

During week one of social distancing, I helped distribute food. The public schools and another nonprofit had done the hard work of rallying volunteers to donate and assemble bags. I set up a table one day and handed out bags another day. It was easy to keep six feet away from people except during the... Continue Reading →

Next to to my Bible, Andrew Murray's book How to Raise Your Children for Christ was my go-to source of inspiration as a parent. Murray died in 1917, but his timeless truths enabled me to grow strong as a mother. Do you have a reliable source of Christian wisdom to guide your parenting? In our... Continue Reading →

I've spent the past three days staring at the Atlantic Ocean from the balcony of a condo at Kiawah Island. There's nothing quite like spending time with God as nature stares back, speaking truth. You'll sink our sins to the bottom of the ocean.¬† Micah 7.19 (MSG) That's where God wants our sins. Thrown where... Continue Reading →

Imagine your daughter refusing to open a Christmas present you lovingly selected and purchased at great cost. It's wrapped in plain brown paper, so she is drawn to the more festive packages. Now she is distracted, snap chatting her gadgets and new clothes to her friends.¬†Later, when she needs wisdom or struggles with sin, you... Continue Reading →

A Few Verses that Shaped Our Parenting

On Palm Sunday we were blessed to watch as our youngest child - Cynthia, age 20 - was baptized. Before church, I pondered the 33-year parenting journey Joe and I have traveled with our seven children, and I gave thanks to God for his incredible truths that offered us guidance and strength. I share them... Continue Reading →

How to Pray for the President

Some Christians believe God is finally back in the White House. For them, Mike Pence, a right-leaning SCOTUS, and pro-life/pro-guns/America First values represent the presence of God and the restoration of righteousness. These folks rejoice over President Trump and pray that God's hand will guide his leadership. Other Christians believe the Devil is in the... Continue Reading →

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