Prayers for Derek Chauvin

Prayer is not my strong suit. I am more a Christian seeker and a learner than I am a pray-er. But this morning I prayed for Derek Chauvin. It was a winding road during my quiet time that got me to praying for him. I wasn't even thinking about the killing of George Floyd when... Continue Reading →

Politics & Devotion: Goaded

Last week's disinfectant debacle is a really great object lesson. We can draw a simple principle from James 3.1: while all are uniquely gifted by God, teaching is for those called to teach. A more modern way to put it: we need to stay in our lane. The president's refusal to stay in his lane... Continue Reading →

Cheerleading on God’s Squad

Last week when people were sharing senior class photos, someone from my high school posted this one from my sophomore year, circa 1979. I absolutely loved cheering. The cute skirts. The saddle shoes. The prestige and the performances in front of crowds. Because I weighed in at 95 pounds, I was always at the top... Continue Reading →

Why does God allow preventable things?

It is not unusual for Christians to question God when we suffer and when we observe evil in the world. But Good Friday offers good lessons for those who grapple with a circumstance God has the power to prevent. That's because the crucifixion of Christ was one of the most preventable events in human history.... Continue Reading →

Billy Graham passed away last week, and all agree he will be remembered as the boldest witness for Jesus Christ of our time. As one woman pointed out in a radio interview the other day: "He shared his faith with confidence." We may wonder who will fill Graham's shoes as a messenger of the Gospel,... Continue Reading →

Church life can be rough. Like so many people, I have been offended by pastors, disappointed in elders, and accused by fellow church-goers. The Bible has been used as a weapon of humiliation in church. Small groups have been tools of exclusion in church. Music has been a source of tension in church. For these... Continue Reading →

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