Church life can be rough. Like so many people, I have been offended by pastors, disappointed in elders, and accused by fellow church-goers. The Bible has been used as a weapon of humiliation in church. Small groups have been tools of exclusion in church. Music has been a source of tension in church. For these... Continue Reading →

An Early Christmas Gift

Monday, November 13th is a special day for me. I will be featured in the coming weeks on World Radio as a guest commentator, and tomorrow my first 4-minute segment will air. This is such a gift because this time last year, my little business venture was doomed. My goal had been to provide a... Continue Reading →

Hate has spoken. Now what?

The nation watched in horror yesterday as hate literally barreled down the streets of Charlottesville, leaving death and trauma in its wake. The coming days offer us time to grieve the lives lost in such horrific and unexpected ways. Maybe we thought ahead of time that injuries would occur near the monument as angry men... Continue Reading →

Destined to Shine

When Jesus was a mere eight days old, his destiny as a Savior was predicted: he would bring joy to some and provoke opposition in others by revealing their evil hearts. Mary was warned that a sword would one day pierce her soul. Joseph was told that Herod wanted to kill their child. What scary information... Continue Reading →

Self on a Shelf: Challenge #1

In order to start dreaming again, you’ll need a place to write down those dreams. So a priority for this week is to purchase a self-care journal, preferably something that’s beautiful and inspiring. If affordability is a problem, check out the dollar store or just purchase a colorful spiral notebook. This journal will be a... Continue Reading →

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