Politics & Devotion: Goaded

Last week's disinfectant debacle is a really great object lesson. We can draw a simple principle from James 3.1: while all are uniquely gifted by God, teaching is for those called to teach. A more modern way to put it: we need to stay in our lane. The president's refusal to stay in his lane... Continue Reading →

Politics and Devotion: Good Samaritan Government

The stimulus package that passed in Congress exposes the truth about American self-reliance: it has limits. Lawmakers have acknowledged that a pandemic is an unforeseeable crisis outside of our control. Even Republicans who decry government handouts most of the time, concede now that trouble has befallen us and it's not our fault. Welcome to the... Continue Reading →

Why does God allow preventable things?

It is not unusual for Christians to question God when we suffer and when we observe evil in the world. But Good Friday offers good lessons for those who grapple with a circumstance God has the power to prevent. That's because the crucifixion of Christ was one of the most preventable events in human history.... Continue Reading →

In 1998, when our newborn daughter Victoria died, Joe and I made the awful, but necessary decisions everyone makes when they must bury a loved one. We chose scriptures to share. We chose burial clothes. We chose a casket. And because we live in the rural South, we had another choice to make: Do we... Continue Reading →

I have a friend whose husband insulted her while she was giving birth to their first child. He pulled himself away from watching the NBA finals long enough to say, "If you had strong abs like mine, it wouldn't hurt so much." ...I'll pause while you pick up your jaw... Most of us know better... Continue Reading →

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