Self on a Shelf: Challenge #5

At the start of December you began a journey of self-discovery that can carry you into the new year if you're willing. This week's challenge involves ongoing thought about how you can care for your family and care for yourself too. This really is possible, but it takes planning, prayer, and determination. With 2016 just a few days... Continue Reading →

Destined to Shine

When Jesus was a mere eight days old, his destiny as a Savior was predicted: he would bring joy to some and provoke opposition in others by revealing their evil hearts. Mary was warned that a sword would one day pierce her soul. Joseph was told that Herod wanted to kill their child. What scary information... Continue Reading →

Contentment: A real challenge this time of Year

If you're packing up to travel for the holiday, you probably have a list of must-haves for your trip: snacks, movies, diaper bags, barf bags. Your kids also load the van with blankets, books, pillows, stuffed animals, and electronics. I well remember our 15-passenger van filled to the brim with  creature comforts as we made our annual trek... Continue Reading →

Love Your Neighbor Today

Jesus arrived on earth as a baby, but he grew up to be a man with a singular message: Love God. Love your neighbors. Today, we're going to focus on loving others and we have Jesus as an incredible example of what that means. He left heaven, lived in our broken world, served selflessly, and died... Continue Reading →

Serve Today

Asking a mother to serve on purpose may seem like an insult. I know you serve your family every single day. But this week's challenge is all about sharing your faith with your family. When you serve your husband and children today, I want you to do more than go through the motions like you always... Continue Reading →

Reflect on Christ’s Goodness Today

Your challenges for this week involve taking small steps to share your faith with friends and family. Taking your spiritual self off the shelf at Christmas makes sense, right? At a time when materialism swallows up joy and peace, we Christian moms can sustain joy and share it with others. It starts with having some quiet time and... Continue Reading →

Self on a Shelf: Challenge #4

This week's challenge: Share your faith. This week may be crazy for you, but it's all the more reason to find some quiet moments to contemplate matters of faith. Since your kids will be home, this week's challenges will involve them. This is important because your spiritual self may sit on the shelf all year.... Continue Reading →

Self on a Shelf: Challenge #3

This week’s challenge: Buy yourself a Christmas ornament. Before you do, on a clean 2-page spread of your self-care journal, write down all the names anyone might call you, any title you hold or once held, any relationship you have with others. Mine looks something like this: Daughter Mom Wife Grandmother Sister Boss Director Teacher... Continue Reading →

Self on a Shelf: Challenge #2

Do you feel guilty about seeking joy outside of motherhood? I did for a long, long time. It was because I believed many of the things you believe: Motherhood is the most important job I’ll ever have. My children are my greatest gifts. God's word includes a promise to make me "a joyful mother of children." (Psalm... Continue Reading →

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