The election of Obama awakened me to the fact that my white Christian friends didn’t know black history. The election of Trump motivated me to actively address it. So many people have welcomed this dialogue and that openness contributes to my sense of hope. To all those who have encouraged me, thank you! In conclusion,... Continue Reading →

In his book The Problem of Slavery in Christian America, author Joel McDurmon explains black allegiance to the Democratic party this way:  If we wonder why, today, the left has a virtual monopoly on the affections of blacks, it is because the conservative Christians – when we were not the ones robbing the blacks leaving... Continue Reading →

For evangelicals to gain stronger credibility as those who love our neighbors as ourselves, we need to put colorblindness on a shelf. Yes, we all want our children to be judged by their character and not their color. But I don't think MLK had colorblindness in mind when he said that. "I don't see color,"... Continue Reading →

I know it may seem like I am obsessed with racism, but the truth is, I am obsessed with love. To love God, neighbor, and self is to fulfill God's highest aim for us. I am learning what that means as a black woman living in a time of racial unrest. I have fears that... Continue Reading →

I was working at a Christian school on the dark and depressing day that Donald Trump became president. I was heartened by the number of colleagues who came to my office to check on me that Wednesday morning. Those friends understood that Trump’s win did not feel like a win for people of color. I... Continue Reading →

Evangelicals hate it when unborn babies are aborted and everybody in America knows that.  America knows that evangelicals march for life, pray in front of abortion clinics, and vote for pro-life politicians. Some would say evangelicals are obsessed with being prolife. I would agree with that. I certainly grieve when unborn babies die. And I am... Continue Reading →

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