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  1. So much appreciate your comments today on World Radio. I’m a 64-year old white man living in a smaller town in Iowa. I have been pondering my role in racial reconciliation recently, but not exactly sure what to do and how to get started. Do you have any resources you can recommend?


    1. Dear Jeff,
      Thanks for your message and candor. We all have room to learn and grow in gaining God’s heart for racial healing. I have found the following sites and readings helpful. I hope you will as well. I have a much longer list of websites and resources. If interested, I can send them via email.
      Blessings to you!

      Books: Under our Skin by Benjamin Watson, Bloodlines by John Piper,


      1. Thank you, Mary, for your kind comments. If you do have the time to send the additional resources by e-mail, I will be grateful. As I have pondered this topic, I realize there is much more to learn. My father’s family came from the South – and their views on race were quite varied. I look forward to the learning experience and what God does with it!


  2. I noticed you are no longer with WORLD Magazine, and just wanted to comment that the loss is wholly theirs. They have become more a defender of the GOP than a defender of the gospel. I am glad I will still hear your voice here.


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