Why does God allow preventable things?

It is not unusual for Christians to question God when we suffer and when we observe evil in the world. But Good Friday offers good lessons for those who grapple with a circumstance God has the power to prevent. That's because the crucifixion of Christ was one of the most preventable events in human history.... Continue Reading →

Hinderella and Prince Harming

Husbands and wives harm and hinder each other. It's a fact. Unfortunately, we are sold fantasies about marital love that are wrapped in ball gowns and handsomeness. These images are great for a wedding day, but they do not serve us well for daily living. If we truly understood just how we will hinder and... Continue Reading →

Before we throw stones

Joe and I walked seven children through the college admissions process and we have lived to tell about it. It's a grueling, hand-wringing endeavor even for those supposedly trusting God for our child's destiny. While I cannot imagine devising a plan to secure an acceptance for my kids through cheating and bribes, I totally understand... Continue Reading →

The election of Obama awakened me to the fact that my white Christian friends didn’t know black history. The election of Trump motivated me to actively address it. So many people have welcomed this dialogue and that openness contributes to my sense of hope. To all those who have encouraged me, thank you! In conclusion,... Continue Reading →

In his book The Problem of Slavery in Christian America, author Joel McDurmon explains black allegiance to the Democratic party this way:  If we wonder why, today, the left has a virtual monopoly on the affections of blacks, it is because the conservative Christians – when we were not the ones robbing the blacks leaving... Continue Reading →

For evangelicals to gain stronger credibility as those who love our neighbors as ourselves, we need to put colorblindness on a shelf. Yes, we all want our children to be judged by their character and not their color. But I don't think MLK had colorblindness in mind when he said that. "I don't see color,"... Continue Reading →

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