Essential homework: Read the Bible

It's back-to-school season, and you may be flitting around with supply lists and hope for your children to receive a solid education. Please remember as you plan the school year that no schooling is complete without the scripture. Start by reading through the gospels as a family where your children will be introduced to the... Continue Reading →

Dear Targeted Friend: I feel you

When terrible things happen in my life or in the world around me, I search the scriptures for perspective. While not everything written in the Bible can be applied to modern life, we can learn a lot about the heart of God by reading scripture, and there are principles we can apply. This is certainly... Continue Reading →

My new sanity plate

I've been thinking about getting a vanity plate for quite some time. My original plan was to use the max number of characters allowed in Virginia with this message: DNTGVUP. The idea was to encourage travelers who are feeling depressed or suicidal. I felt that three years ago in the months after my brother died.... Continue Reading →

Why does God allow preventable things?

It is not unusual for Christians to question God when we suffer and when we observe evil in the world. But Good Friday offers good lessons for those who grapple with a circumstance God has the power to prevent. That's because the crucifixion of Christ was one of the most preventable events in human history.... Continue Reading →

Hinderella and Prince Harming

Husbands and wives harm and hinder each other. It's a fact. Unfortunately, we are sold fantasies about marital love that are wrapped in ball gowns and handsomeness. These images are great for a wedding day, but they do not serve us well for daily living. If we truly understood just how we will hinder and... Continue Reading →

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