Flying Solo: Into the Wild

Experiencing God's love while living alone has not been some walk in a national park. It was the Mojave desert. It was the Alaskan wilderness. This time a year ago, I was just completing a weeklong stay at a mental wellness recovery center - Wellness, for short - to address a serious bout with depression.... Continue Reading →

Packing light in life and in faith

As I prepared for my trip to Vegas last week, I was determined not to check a bag. Everybody who flies knows it's a hassle to round up suitcases from carousels. At the same time, packing a carry on for a 5-day trip requires ruthless purging. My cute boots and a new dress did not... Continue Reading →

Empty Nest. Full Heart.

Twenty days until I turn 60 and I can’t get motherhood off my mind. It is linked to gratitude I feel for my mother’s role in giving me life, for sure. But it is also linked to my own identity as a mother and how much it has changed in the past two years. It... Continue Reading →

What if a child is hard to love?

This journey to my 60th birthday includes a ton of reflection about my relationship with my mother. I have always felt deep down that I got on her nerves. We were so opposite. She was all classy and appropriate. I was talkative and brash. The only daughter in the family of four children, I wrestled... Continue Reading →

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