I was working at a Christian school on the dark and depressing day that Donald Trump became president. I was heartened by the number of colleagues who came to my office to check on me that Wednesday morning. Those friends understood that Trump’s win did not feel like a win for people of color. I... Continue Reading →

I love the Bible. I hug my Bible on a regular basis for its power to inspire and change me. I named my blog The Studious Mom because studying the Bible has been my favorite thing to do since I became a Christian in 1981. Yes, my faith in God and scriptures are tested by... Continue Reading →

Years ago, as our family ate the church for lunch after Sunday service, our precocious youngest child  blurted out: "Are we gossiping?" It was a powerful, embarrassing moment; proof that when you teach children principles of kindness, they will hold you to account. That day we were inadvertently teaching our children how to critique the... Continue Reading →

The end of 2016 was really tough for me. I was reeling from my brother's untimely death in 2015. My new business was failing and efforts to find employment were fruitless. I even had to sell furniture and rent out my house in order to make our finances work. Then the election happened. I sat... Continue Reading →

Let’s Teach our Kids about Leadership

Some say, Good leaders have followers, but I dispute that. Cult leader Jim Jones had followers and he led them straight to their tragic deaths. I would rather go with what scriptures reveal about leadership, and I encourage you to consider this as you narrate leadership to your children. Good leaders are humble. Moses, Esther,... Continue Reading →

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