Motherhood Misery #5: I Didn’t Focus Enough on Myself

Mothers win the prize for sacrifice. Seriously. The degree to which moms forsake, forego, and forget our own needs and’s pretty admirable, but it’s also dangerous.  “Family first,” is a spiritual and appropriate thing, but only when it’s done right. How do you know when it’s done wrong? You’re  mostly miserable. It’s not motherhood... Continue Reading →

Motherhood Misery#4: I was Insecure

Like any new mother, I had a normal amount of insecurity tied to duties I had never done before. It’s normal to feel clueless or scared as our children walk through various stages of growth. The wisdom needed for each season is always shifting. But the insecurity I’m talking about today has less to do... Continue Reading →

Motherhood Misery #3: I Was a Perfectionist

I have a Type-A personality, so it’s no surprise that perfectionism was a problem as I raised my children. But even the most disorganized, free spirit is a perfectionist mom. How? Remember that snake I referred to in the first post? Think back to another woman hanging out amongst the trees in Genesis. The snake... Continue Reading →

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