Yes, You Can Have Obedient Toddlers

Part II in a Series

Book Cover (2)

Three years ago I started working on a booklet and it’s finally ready to share.

More than Potty Trained: A Parent’s Guide to Obedient Toddlers outlines how you can train your toddler to do more than just pee in a pot. As important as that is, I don’t offer any advice about it. Instead, I focus on the higher hopes you have for your children.

You do have high hopes. You want your children to be kind, responsible human beings. You want them to mind their manners and come when called. You don’t want them to fall apart when they can’t have their way.

And you want all these things like you want poop to end up in the potty.

So that’s why the same determination you give to potty training can also be given to character training. When you approach it with optimism and patience, your children will respond. When you celebrate good behavior like you do toileting success, you shape your child’s desire to please you. When you have a plan for discipline and carry it out consistently, you’ll be a confident parent and your children will take you seriously. Joe and I used these practical strategies when raising our seven children and our kids are glad we trained them.

To learn more or place your order, click here.

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